Posted by - March 01, 2016

With 2016 underway, there are a lot of technology trends that small businesses could possibly take advantage of. We have highlighted what we expect to be the top three trends:

1. Utilizing the Cloud
As businesses continue to grow and utilize more data, it might be a better move to switch from using an on-premise server to using a cloud-based system. Cloud service providers take care of keeping your files secure and know how to take care of all the technology so you don’t have to. Things to keep in mind are that switching can lead to slower internet when everyone is trying to access files or uploading large files. There are many different ways to store your files and many companies that provide cloud storage but the most important thing to keep in mind is how they are keeping your data secure.

2. Maintaining Security

Security can become very complex but when done correctly, can help protect you against ransomware and other cyberattacks that can cost you large sums of money and valuable work time. The easiest way to stay secure is to keep the most important data protected the most. Another way is to provide training to employees about what they should be doing in the office to help prevent their workstation from being attacked.

3. Mobile Technology for Small Businesses
As users become more mobile, it would seem inevitable that small businesses should also become mobile in some capacity as well. The best way to gauge which features to make mobile would be to think about how you want customers and employees to interact with your company. Small Businesses should focus on what its users will be utilizing the most. For example, a law firm doesn’t need an app to place orders but could strongly benefit from a mobile-friendly website, whereas a retailer can utilize both.

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