Posted by - December 19, 2019


Technology over the past year has improved drastically and while this is a great thing as it relates to productivity, it has also meant a rise in security breachesand attacks.   Unfortunately, it is not looking much better for 2020.  According to recent articles, here are  three predictions as it relates to Cybersecurity for 2020:

       1. Voting machine hacks

It has been shown that network-attached voting machines can be hacked and with a large presidential election coming up in 2020, this is going to be a major issue.  Will  machines be breached and votes changed?


         2. A massive cloud data breach
For a few years now, everyone has been moving to the cloud because it is represented as elastic, secure and cost-effective.   So what happens if a massive breach affects one or many of these major cloud providers?   A breach like this may cause a shift regarding how cloud providers handle security.


          3. Smarter Al Cybersecurity attacks

AI is revolutionary in the way it solves challenges but what happens when AI is used for nefarious reasons?  It is believed that hackers may use AI technology to trick people into installing applications and/or giving up credentials in a much smarter process than exists currently.


Are you worried yet?  Is your team trained for this?  If you are not sure and need more information, contact PerusITy, the cybersecurity team of OptfinITy.. Give us a call at 703-790-0400 or email us at

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