September 23, 2015

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Ad Blockers and the possible threat to websites
Do you hate those banner ads that you see on websites?
September 23, 2015 03:00 PM EST
According to an article on WTOP, Apple is now permitting apps to block them on their iPhone and iPad.

The idea is to help users navigate on the webpage. However, ad blocking could potentially threaten the livelihoods of websites and publishers that rely on the ad revenue. While Ad blocking isn’t causing a panic yet, content creators are keeping on things. According to the article, providers will be looking at;

1) Reducing the annoyance so users won’t turn on Ad blockers

2) The number of blocked Ads

3) A way to make ads less intrusive with a smoother experience

If Ad practices get too annoying they could be a thing of the past like “Pop-Ups”, which are automatically blocked. Meanwhile some companies are paying developers for the rights to bypass blockers. Smaller websites can get a pass for Ad blockers, if they forego the revenue from the ads. The industry is always looking for the next best thing and it may be that Ads only load when part of the page is visible. This way sites load faster and advertisers don’t have to pay for what isn’t seen.

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