Posted by - March 19, 2020

The Coronavirus panic has spread nation-wide and it did not take cyber criminals long to attempt to cash in on it. A report released on Thursday has stated that certain websites claiming to introduce news of the virus, are malicious websites and are sending out mass scams and emails attempting to monetize from this pandemic.

Director of operation of Recorded Future, Lindsay Kaye, has specifically called out these domains publicly as possibly dangerous:

  • Coronavirusstatus[.]space
  • Coronavirus-map[.]com
  • canalcero[.]digital
  • Coronavirus-realtime[.]com
  • Coronavirus[.]app
  • coronavirusware[.]xyz
  • Coronavirusaware[.]xyz
  • COVID19 Tracker [app]

Since the panic of the pandemic has left people frantically searching for information regarding the state of the outbreak, also watch out for another app called “COVID19 Tracker” which has been masking itself as an outbreak map tracker, when in reality it is ransomware that locks down your phone completely and demands you pay $100 in bitcoin in 48 hours or lose all your digital data.

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