We are a Customer Service Business. Yes, we support your computers and yes, our expertise is in technology but when it comes down to it, we are people helping people.

OptfinITy has Expertise.

Nothing is more frustrating than calling for support only to deal with someone who is clueless. All of our engineers and helpdesk technicians pass a strict competency test.

No More Nickel and Diming.

Our all-inclusive SolutionCare plans are truly all-inclusive and can include onsite support, remote support, after hours support, backups, regular consultation plus so much more. If it is a part of your infrastructure, we take care of it.

C-Level Technical Consulting.

You have unlimited access to our Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for expert consulting and IT advice.

We are in it for the long haul!

The average IT managed services provider comes and goes as does their client base. At OptfinITy, our client retention rate is well over 90% and most of our clients have been with us for over 7-10 years. And we have been here for over 22 years!

We are Proactive

Rather than simply fixing problems as they arise, we look deeper into them. Is there a larger unseen problem looming on your network causing the small nuisances? If so, we will find out and fix it, not put a temporary band aid solution on it.

Free Consultation and Assessment

We are always willing to come in and talk to you about what you can do better, even if you can do it yourself and don’t need our services. Call us Today for a free Consultation about your organization and your IT needs.

Contact OptfinITy Today

Contact us today at: 703-790-0400 or info@optfinity.com