Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology refers to a series of transmission capabilities that make communication over the Internet a possibility. VoIP, also known as Internet telephony, converts voice sounds to compressed digital signals that translate to data or “computer” packets of information. These IP packets are then transmitted and converted to a regular telephone signal if the user has a regular telephone. In essence, VoIP allows computer users and businesses to make telephone calls from a desktop computer equipped with a VoIP phone. Internet telephony offers services and benefits unparalleled by traditional phones including:

Increased Flexibility And Mobility

Internet telephony does more than increase savings by lowering costs. It also enables the user to integrate software programs, such as e-mail, e-fax, and remote conferencing over the Internet via the telephone. In other words, a VoIP user can speak to somebody over the phone while accessing other applications, including the Internet simultaneously. VoIP users can take their adapters anywhere, making it possible to hold telephone conversations from anywhere there is an internet connection including their own, on vacation or even from their cell phone.

Increased Productivity

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology can increase the overall productivity of an organization by allowing their employees to multi-task without interruption. VoIP also allows users to attach documents, conduct virtual meetings, and share data via video conferencing.

Easy To Install, Use, And Troubleshoot

VoIP installation requires little technical know-how. In fact, the easy installation process and mobility of the VoIP system offers a high advantage over traditional telephones. For instance, businesses no longer require separate cabling for traditional telephone systems. It also cuts down on cluttering and fire hazards associated with extra electrical wires. The scalability of the VoIP infrastructure makes it easy to add new components with minimal hassle. Since the transfer of voice to digital signals occurs using software instead of hardware, it makes it easier to alter and maintain the entire system. All of these features make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology a popular choice among businesses, especially for those lacking computer-savvy personnel.

How OptfinITy can help with VOIP

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