Non-Profit Organizations and Associations have a unique set of needs when it comes to technology services and support. These include the ability to understand membership software, fundraising software and even the approach to utilizing technology. At OpfinITy, we have been working with this industry for over 15 years, starting with our very first clients.

Some of the challenges that Non-profits struggle with include:


Most Non-profits need assistance with IT budgeting, whether it is because of real cash flow issues or because every dollar spent here is a dollar less than can be dedicated towards their mission.
OptfinITy is able to solve that by providing a fixed budgetable amount.

Human Resources

It makes no sense for non-profits to carry deep technical expertise in-house. Outsourcing IT functions and/or staff augmentation allows non-profits to deliver more dollars to their mission and give their staff the IT support and expertise as needed.

OptfinITy provides engineers with various expertise along with a 24 x 7 helpdesk.

Technology Flexibility

Non-profits want to be able to capture donations and donor information very efficiently. Having the right mobile technology tools can help drive both of these at donor events. Are your donor apps mobile ready? Is your website mobile ready? Is it all secure?

These are all issues that need to be evaluated individually, something OptfinITy has been doing for well over 15 years.

OptfinITy Services for Non-Profits and Associations include:

24/7 support and network services

When you’re preparing for your board meeting, answering phones calls or simply handling your day to day work, you rely on technology to accomplish your tasks. But if your technology stops working — for even a few minutes — the most productive of days can come to a standstill.

OptfinITy provides exception technical consulting and network support to non-profits and associations of all sizes. Whether we’re in your office or providing help from a remote location, our goal always remains the same: to relieve you from the hassle of IT support, so you can concentrate on running your organization.

Technical support for the Non Profit Industry software you rely on

OptfinITy has years of experience helping non-profits and associations make the most of the software packages typically used in your industry, including financial software like QuickBooks and Peachtree; relationship management software like Microsoft CRM; and non-profit/association membership management applications like Blackbaud’s The Raiser’s Edge and ASI’s iMIS.

Trust OptfinITy for Expert Association/Non-Profit IT Management & Support

In addition to our networking services, technical support, help desk and related technical services, OptfinITy also offers CIO outsourcing services for associations and non-profits who need competent IT management expertise without the price tag and commitment of a full-time, C-level executive.

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