What Does Cloud Computing Mean and How can it help you?

The word “Cloud” is a metaphor for the Internet. The phrase “cloud computing” is used to describe a variety of situations where your business’ data and programs are stored and accessed over the Internet, rather than being stored and managed in-your office on a computer or server’s hard-drive.

There are three basic types of Cloud computing: public, private and hybrid. Using the public Cloud, businesses get their own Cloud within an infrastructure they share with other businesses. This is an affordable, off-site service where the Cloud service provider is responsible for the security and maintenance of your system. The private Cloud is managed by your in-house IT team. It’s a good solution for businesses that want exclusive access and control over their data, but it almost always costs more than the public Cloud. As the name implies, a hybrid Cloud service offers aspects of both private and public Clouds. Some of the Cloud is managed by your business’ IT professionals, and the rest is off-site.

When it comes to clients of OptfinITy, we typically break the cloud up based on the needs of our clients:

Cloud based Email and Office Applications

Office 365
G-Suite (formerly Google Apps)
Email Archiving
Email Encryption
Spam Protection

Cloud based Infrastructure

Hosted Servers
Virtual Desktops
Virtual Private Servers

File Syncing Solutions

OptfinITy Sync

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