You can hold your meeting regardless of weather, flight delays, or other “acts of God.” Of course, that’s assuming you have internet access!

Increase Productivity:

You are able to meet as much as you need to get the job done instead of only when you’re scheduled. O


Be in two places at the same time Germany at 9 a.m., New York at 2PM.

Save Time:

There is no need to wait for people to travel from the four corners of the earth to have an effective meeting. Why are large companies slow to get things done? Because decisions tend to get delayed waiting for meetings to happen.

Save Money:

No Plane tickets, parking fees, hotel costs, meals, rental car/taxi costs…multiply by the number of people traveling and the number of times per month.

How OptfinITy can help with Video Conferencing

OptfinITy is NOT a Video Conferencing Provider, but rather your trusted technology advisor and we have a network of over 10 Video conferencing Providers in which to match your needs with their capabilities. For more information, complete the form or contact us directly at 703-790-0400.