While each mobile application has its own set of unique challenges, most projects follow the basic development process outlined below. This process ensures that your project is developed on time, in budget, and within scope.

Before we even submit a proposal, we ask the proper questions to understand exactly what the app needs to do, what features need to be incorporated, and what our clients NEED versus what they WANT.

Once we have an understanding of your app, we provide a detailed proposal, outlining exactly what needs to be built, and what responsibilities we have. One of Optfinity’s advantages is our firm, fixed pricing. The proposal that you receive is what will be billed, barring any major changes to the project’s scope.

Optfinity’s App Development Process Includes:

Kickoff Meeting:

Optfinity team members will meet with your staff to gain a greater understanding of the entire project, meet all of the players involved, and set guidelines & expectations.

Requirements Analysis and Content & Materials Gathering:

During this stage, the scope of work is developed and all components from graphics and imagery is collected.

Wireframe Creation:

Black & white depictions of your app are then created, including the placement of text and images; the overall flow of your app is designed as well during this process.

Application Design:

Optfinity designers build the design for you app, what it will look like, what fonts will be used, and which graphics will be displayed during this stage.

Development & Integration:

Optfinity’s in-house development team will work on the creation of your app, build hooks to any necessary databases, integrate web services, & perform rigourous testing

Project Sign-off, Launch, & Marketing:

Once all is set with your app, Optfinity helps to make sure your app is successfully launched and available through the various outlets from the Google Play and Apple Store.