Lurie Hospital Cybersecurity Issue Sparks Network Outage

Posted by - February 06, 2024

Cybersecurity Issue Sparks Network Outage In an unexpected turn of events, Lurie Children’s Hospital is currently facing a major setback due to a network outage, disrupting crucial services such as phones, email, and internet connectivity. The hospital has revealed that this outage results from an ongoing cybersecurity issue, leaving its main facility, outpatient centers, and… Read more »

Google’s Blackout: What Caused It?

Posted by - December 20, 2020

For 45 minutes on Monday morning, a variety of Google services were inaccessible across Europe and North America.  Google Search, Gmail, and a variety of Drive programs were all down.  Google’s physical devices also reported critical errors during the outage.  Initial reports blamed this on an error in the service’s authentication system, but a new… Read more »