Posted by - February 09, 2017

WordPress recently released a new version of their software which also included an update that fixed a previously undisclosed critical vulnerability.   If left unpatched, hackers could possibly modify the content of any post or page on a WordPress website.

Initially this vulnerability was not made public in the hopes of staving off hackers; however, it didn’t take long for hackers to strike after the news broke, and it seems over 100,000 webpages may have been the victim of defacement.

You should always ensure you and your company are running the most current version of any software and are constantly downloading the updates provided.  If you can, automatic updates will help alleviate the need to manually check for these. 

Optfinity provides this level of support for all our clients, so they never have to worry about using an old version of any software or not being up-to-date on any security patches.  If you’re not sure of how robust your systems are or whether or not auto-updates are configured, Optfinity can provide you with a free assessment to help you determine how susceptible your data may be.

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