Posted by - August 03, 2016

Are you a Yahoo user or someone that once had an account and is also utilizing the same password for other websites? You may want to think about changing your password. A cybercriminal is advertising 200 million alleged Yahoo user credentials on the dark web. Yahoo says its aware of the claim, but has not confirmed nor denied this data breach.

There are many reasons why this threat may not be a serious as it seems, but to be safe, you should still take precautions to ensure your security and online safety. First and foremost, enable two-step verification. Also, do not reuse passwords across multiple sites. Finally, ensure that you change your current Yahoo password just in case your account was one of the 200 million that was accessed.

And as always, feel free to contact Optfinity if you’re still unsure of your full security or if you need assistance in accomplishing any of the suggestions we mention. Don’t forget, Optfinity also provides free assessments for businesses so you can be sure you’re safe company wide.

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