Posted by - December 20, 2016

We talk a lot about ransomware, but phishing scams are still just as prevalent and are just as dangerous to companies, their employees, and their clients. This year, a hacker comprised the data of over three quarters of a million LA County employees. This not only includes their employee’s personal information, but also client/patient information stored in their email accounts.

The information stolen includes names, social security numbers, credit card information, medical records, and many other sensitive pieces of data.

Thankfully, law enforcement launched a criminal investigation and have issued an arrest warrant for one felon and are still looking for potentially any others who might have been involved.

This all began because a thousand county employee email users reportedly received phishing email from the hacker and a few fell victim to the bait. This is a perfect example of how employee training to ensure staff do not click on unfamiliar links as well as two step authentication to prevent unauthorized access could have prevented this large-scale hack. Are all of your employees knowledgeable on how to avoid phishing scams? Are you aware of the dangers if an employee accidentally opens themselves up, and your systems, to a hacker’s scheme? Optfinity can provide you and your staff with all the necessary tools, software, hardware, and training you need to ensure your IT safety and security.

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