Posted by - July 17, 2017

Adobe Flash Player is a favorite piece of software for hackers to exploit for various reasons: it’s on a lot of computers, users need it to access Flash-based content, and many users do not keep it updated. Because of these and so many others, hackers love coming up with new ways to invade your devices utilizing this software. There is some good news, however; because of the sheer number of attacks, Adobe releases new security patches quite often.

When was the last time you ensured your Adobe Flash Player was updated? Do you have your global settings set to automatically install updates? Do you not even know what Flash is, if you have it, or know how to check if it is updated?

For many people out there, questions like these fall low on their radar, meaning their systems are constantly vulnerable to attacks. For clients of Optfinity, these are questions they never need to ask or even worry about as we ensure everything is constantly updated. A free assessment could answer many questions you might not even have known to ask in ensuring your systems and devices are properly secured. Contact us today, we’d be glad to help.

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