Posted by - May 23, 2017


Even a company as large as Disney has fallen victim to hackers, having had files of their recent movie stolen and threatened to be released online if ransoms were not paid.  They refused, and clips have since surfaced.  Its great news that they refused to pay and instead worked with authorities to try and bring the scammers to justice.

This goes to show that every company, large and small, must do more to protect themselves including security awareness training with employees.  Optfinity, through Knowbe4, offers this type of security awareness training to all our clients.  Not only does this entail online tutorials and test emails which assess which employees are vulnerable and likely to click on phishing scams, but also reports back to the client to see where their company’s weaknesses lie.

Don’t wait till a naïve employee innocently clicks on a wayward word document emailed to them by a hacker, thus giving them access to every bit of data on your servers.  Contact Optfinity today for a free assessment.

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