Posted by - April 26, 2017


This is a fascinating article on artificial intelligence, where its been and where its going, and how we got there; but moreover, have you thought about how AI may affect your business years down the road?  Are you prepared for the changes and challenges that such technology might present?

The article talks about three waves of AI, the first including such technology as Google Maps, smart phones, and traffic lights.  Do you think every business which made maps for your car is still in business?  How about encyclopedia companies, pagers, or crossing guards?  Future AI technology is anticipated to replace most human workers in many fields.  What are you doing to anticipate and prepare for this new technology tidal wave to ensure your business does not go under?

A first step in all this is to ensure you have a fully-functioning and knowledgeable IT component within your organization looking out for your best interests.  There are many basic steps companies fail at, such as fully integrated websites, mobile apps, cloud storage, and disaster recovery systems.  Once you’ve read the article and watched the fascinating video, contact Optfinity today for a free assessment and take your first step in putting your company on the right path to navigating the technology maze just ahead.

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