Posted by - April 26, 2017


As in every case involving your personal information, you should be wary of giving it out to strangers, especially when being solicited.  The newest scammer craze is being targeted through LinkedIn by a spammer emailing contacts letting them know they are urgently seeking workers.

These emails inform the person that they match qualifications they are seeking for jobs in your region.  There is no specificity in the email, it does not originate from a real LinkedIn address, and has countless spelling and grammatical errors.  Those red flags alone should be enough to stop you in your tracks.  But there are still many out there who would fall for this.

Aside from endangering yourself and your personal data, you also open your company to fraud.  These cases, also known as CEO fraud, have resulted in companies losing upwards of tens of millions of dollars.  So, ensuring your staff is well trained on how to avoid being a victim of scammers not only protects them, but also your company’s bottom line.

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