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We all hate the fact that our phone batteries run out of juice so quickly. But it’s no wonder they do since we rely on them for more and more of our daily lives, from GPS to entertainment to work emails, and once in a while, a phone call. One thing to keep in mind, they last a whole lot longer than phone batteries of the past thanks to lithium-ion technology. Follow these three tips to help extend your battery’s life and keep it as healthy as possible.

Make sure to avoid heat, this includes leaving your phone in a hot car, taking it into the sauna with you at the gym, or leaving it out in the hot sun when you’re at the beach or lounging by the pool. If you must take your phone into the sun, keep it shaded and as cool as possible.

Don’t let your phone die. Letting your phone’s battery drain till it dies is extremely bad for lithium-ion batteries. And lastly, if you’re going to leave your phone unused for a significant amount of time, for example, going on an international trip where you won’t be using your phone, make sure you store it with at least a 50% charge.

It is important to remember that this advice mainly applies to lithium-ion batteries, so in the event you have an old phone that still uses NMH batteries, seek out another tip. If you’re ready to upgrade or have questions on what is the best mobile phone for your business use, contact Optfinity and we’ll be glad you provide you with more information and tips.

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