Posted by - September 13, 2018

It seems there is an app for almost everything today, and your business or organization should be no exception. Having a mobile app for your business establishes credibility and gives people another way to interact with your organization. Perhaps your organization already has in place a responsive website that allows for an optimal user experience on every device and you’re thinking why create an app? A recent article answers this question and illustrates the importance of creating a mobile app for your organization.

Due to the increasing number of smart phone users, mobile apps provide an easy-to-use alternative to your website since they are built specifically for mobile devices and touch navigation. Therefore, your app can be used as a fun, interactive platform to engage with those interested in your organization.

Since the number of mobile apps continues to grow, having one for your organization gives a boost to your organization’s credibility and will allow you to keep up with or even set yourself apart from the competition. People spend way more time on their phones than their other devices such as laptops or computers. Therefore, if you direct someone to your app to answer any questions they may have about your organization, you already have the upper hand on an organization with only a website because they will be able to access your information instantly from wherever they are.

You can also use your app to give clients a more personalized experience by giving them the option to enable receiving notifications that will keep them in the loop with what’s going on in your business or organization. For example, you could send them notifications about upcoming events or special promotions. Instead of sending a promotional announcement via email and risking it being sent to junk or deleted, the same brief notification would show up on their smart phone screen ensuring they would see it.

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