Don’t Fall Victim to Cybercrime

Posted by - September 29, 2021

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021: Week 4   Cybercrime has risen immensely since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, largely due to the sudden sharp increase in employees working remotely. This month, we focused on both email and mobile phishing attacks, as 36% of successful corporate cyberattacks have involved phishing. Already, hackers have ransomed millions of… Read more »

4 Most Common Mobile Attack Channels that Hackers Use

Posted by - September 29, 2021

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021: Week 3   Last week, we discussed email phishing and the red flags you need be aware of. This common yet effective method of harvesting personal data laid the foundation for attacks that target mobile devices. Though many people are aware of phishing email campaigns, not the same can be said… Read more »

Do you Know the Red Flags of Email Phishing?

Posted by - September 29, 2021

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021: Week 2   What is email phishing? Email phishing is a form of cybercrime in which scammers attempt to solicit personal information from an unsuspecting person using seemingly legitimate email domains and messages. Often, they will impersonate organizations you know and trust, like banks, online stores, online payment websites, social networking… Read more »

The Basics of Protecting Yourself from Cybercriminals

Posted by - September 29, 2021

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021: Week 1   Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrime has both become more sophisticated and more commonplace, compromising the data of individuals and organizations alike. Though there is no one golden rule to cyber hygiene, there are several key things that you can do to further ensure your network’s… Read more »

Is your E-book a Computer Threat to You?

Posted by - September 28, 2021

Cybersecurity firm Check Point revealed earlier this year that there was a serious security flaw in Amazon’s Kindle software. The flaw allowed hackers to take control of a victim’s device and access personal information or delete information and their books. It is also possible that hackers could have stolen Amazon account credentials or billing information… Read more »

Is Your Smartphone Spying on You?

Posted by - September 17, 2021

In recent years, end-to-end encryption has risen in popularity as cybersecurity concerns have become more prevalent in popular culture.  End to end encryption makes it very difficult for anyone to be able to see messages and platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have taken to implementing this encryption method for the safety of their users-… Read more »

Poly Network Exploited in the Largest Cryptocurrency Hack to Date

Posted by - September 09, 2021

Cryptocurrency platform Poly Network revealed recently that they were hacked. The over $600 million dollar theft is the largest crypto hack to date, although the hacking itself was not a hack of the technology.  Instead, the hackers exploited a vulnerability within Poly Network’s system that allowed them to assign themselves the ownership of money processed… Read more »

Enjoy your time off this weekend! Do hackers take time off?

Posted by - September 03, 2021

Happy Labor Day Weekend! While you celebrate your extended weekend with cookouts, parades, and enjoying time off from work , you might want to know that hackers may be watching closely. Holidays are notorious magnets for hackers because of online sales, where people are quick to input their personal info and payment information. To avoid… Read more »

Senate Approves $1.9 Billion in Cybersecurity Infrastructure Bills

Posted by - September 01, 2021

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, remote work has become a large aspect of the new normal. Subsequently, there has been an increase in attacks launched by cyber criminals, including a wave of large-scale attacks has rendered critical infrastructure unusable. The SolarWinds hack, JBS hack, and Colonial Pipeline hack have all been hailed as… Read more »

Outages Affect Websites from Spotify to the White House

Posted by - August 30, 2021

Corporate websites have become a must-have for modern organizations.  Corporations, non-profits, and even government bodies maintain websites in order to reach consumers, host information, and provide a means of contact. There are even professionals dedicated to creating content, improving how high a website appears in searches, and maintaining website functionality.  When a website goes down… Read more »