Expect more automated cyber attacks in the near future

Posted by - March 12, 2019

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence (AI) has already increased business productivity and will continue to do so in the future. However, if in the wrong hands, AI can be used to execute cyberattacks more efficiently than ever seen before, and we can expect to see more automated attacks in the next few years. A recent… Read more »

Can you afford to dish out $400,000?

Posted by - March 08, 2019

There have been many ransomware attacks in the news over the past year involving major cities including San Diego and Atlanta, but the latest reported attack reminds us that smaller jurisdictions are susceptible as well. A recent statescoop.com article reported that the Jackson County, Georgia, a county of merely 60,000 residents, was hit with a… Read more »

Google Chrome’s new extension will help users avoid data breaches

Posted by - March 04, 2019

Has your password been stolen in the past? If so, it can still affect you in the present if you haven’t switched up your login info. While it is constantly preached that people refrain from reusing usernames and passwords, people continue to do so, putting their accounts and information at risk. A recent CNET article… Read more »

Don’t be a victim of an online scam

Posted by - February 06, 2019

With people conducting more online transactions than ever before, it important for people to be wary of online scams. Whether it’s business related or a personal transaction, people unfortunately have a bad habit of being too trusting of the internet. A recent CNET article provides four good ways to avoid becoming the victim of an… Read more »

Windows 7 is reaching End of Life – Are you ready?

Posted by - January 22, 2019

Still using Windows 7? Now may be the time to upgrade. Beginning January 14th, 2020 Microsoft will no longer offer support or security updates for Windows 7. This means that any issues with Windows 7, including security holes will not be able to be fixed by Microsoft after that date. While other software company’s antivirus… Read more »

Tips on the implementation of IoT devices for your organization

Posted by - December 20, 2018

With more and more IoT devices becoming available, it can be very tempting to take advantage of their capabilities and incorporate them into your business. However, like all other business decisions, poor planning can lead to serious consequences. A recent entrepreneur.com article suggests some common mistakes business owners should try to avoid when it comes… Read more »

Unsecured networks and bad judgement will cost your organization

Posted by - December 18, 2018

When it comes to cybersecurity, securing your network and having a solid training program in place that promotes good judgement should go hand in hand. If you have one but not the other, the consequences can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, a school district and a bank in Indiana learned this the hard way. A recently published… Read more »

Five mobile security threats to look out for this year

Posted by - December 12, 2018

As the number of employees accessing company data from their smartphones continues to grow, mobile threats are becoming greater concerns for businesses and organizations. Thankfully, the inherent protections that are built into mobile operating systems have been able to keep mobile devices malware-free for the most part up to this point. However, there are other… Read more »