Constant Backups: A life-saving habit for your organization.

Posted by - July 09, 2018

Creating backups is more important now than ever! It may not be something you think to do every day but the consequences can be catastrophic. A recent CNET article reminds us of the rewards of creating backups, and negative aftermath that results from neglecting to do so. How important are backups?  I guess the real… Read more »

A good CRM can be the difference between the success and failure for a business.

Posted by - July 06, 2018

The days of having all aspects of your business in separate folders and spreadsheets are coming to an end. According to this CNET article more and more businesses are implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems for their business operations. These systems essentially allow businesses to organize all their information into one spot, making them more… Read more »

Don’t leave your data out in the open…Get a reliable VPN!

Posted by - July 02, 2018

You probably wouldn’t walk into a coffee shop and start giving all the customers your social security number, so why would you share all your company information? If you are running your business from multiple locations or even your office without a reliable VPN, you may be doing just that! Hackers are out for your… Read more »

Is your browser safe? Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Posted by - June 30, 2018

According to a recent TechRepublic article, browsers are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than any other form of software being used in businesses today. If you want to be sure to keep your data and information protected from hackers, it is advisable to take the following actions: Only allow use of reputable business-related plug-ins and extensions… Read more »

How much can you afford to keep your company secure?

Posted by - April 30, 2018

Does your business have a spare $2 million around to fix your computer problems when you get the next Ransomware attack?  As you may have seen in the news, the city of Atlanta, George recently became a victim of the SamSam ransomware, shutting down operational systems. Unlike most ransomware, SamSam indiscriminately searches the internet for… Read more »

Cybercrime is costing businesses thousands of dollars

Posted by - April 25, 2018

According to a recent CNET article, cybercrime is now costing businesses as much as $600 billion.  In fact, the most recent Ransomeware attack costs millions of dollars to the city of Atlanta to recover from that attack.   So what does a small business or non-profit organization do? The most important thing you can do is… Read more »

Do hackers have access to your router and your organization?

Posted by - April 20, 2018

Is your router out of date?  Did you ever change the default password/  Are you still getting security updates on it?  If you answered yes to any of these questions or you do not know the answers, then there is a great chance your router is at risk of being hacked.                 According to this… Read more »

Will Google Chrome mark your website as “Not Secure”?

Posted by - February 15, 2018

What do you think happens when you go to a website and there is a big warning that says this website is not secure?  Do you think you will go back to that website?  That is going to happen to millions of websites beginning in July when Chrome version 68 is released. Google is forcing… Read more »

WordPress Updates are No Longer Automatic

Posted by - February 08, 2018

Making sure your website is updated with the latest patches is very important as new vulnerabilities are discovered almost daily – so what happens when the latest update stops your updates from working? On Monday, WordPress released version 4.9.3. The very next day, WordPress released version 4.9.4. Although version 4.9.3 fixed 34 bugs, it also… Read more »

Spectre? Meltdown? Should you throw out your computers?

Posted by - January 05, 2018

Meltdown and Spectre are the latest named vulnerabilities to appear in the news and they are in fact very problematic because the attacks could be used to read system memory that *should* have been inaccessible. What happens is an attacker could steal sensitive information such as passwords or encryption keys from your computer’s memory. And… Read more »