Topics every cybersecurity awareness training program should cover

Posted by - November 12, 2018

The saying “you are only as strong as your weakest link” applies to any team effort and cybersecurity for your organization is no exception. The best defense against a cybersecurity attack starts from the inside. Therefore, if you don’t already have a cybersecurity training program in place, you should. A recent article provides some… Read more »

How to effectively make use of social media to grow your organization

Posted by - November 01, 2018

As social media continues to become a bigger part of our everyday lives, it is more important than ever for small businesses and organizations to effectively use social media to promote themselves. While social media can act as a great tool to improve and promote your business, there are certain things you should avoid if… Read more »

Tips on avoiding and recovering from SEO penalties

Posted by - October 30, 2018

While it is undoubtedly important to optimize your website so that it appears near the top of search engines allowing for the highest amount of exposure, there are rules you need to be aware of if you want to remain in good standing with search engines like Google. A recent article provides some tips… Read more »

Cybersecurity standards to keep your organization safe

Posted by - October 25, 2018

It’s no secret that small businesses and organizations are the main target of cyberattacks. According to a recent article from, the FBI has received more than 4 million complaints from small businesses regarding internet crime between 2000 and 2017. Unfortunately, smaller organizations generally don’t have the budget for advanced levels of cybersecurity. However, if… Read more »

Don’t let cyber criminals exploit your IoT devices

Posted by - October 23, 2018

It seems that nowadays every device we use is “smart.” We have access to everything from smart speakers to smart vacuums, and their prevalence is on the rise. According to a recent FBI public service announcement, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) or “smart” devices is expected to increase by anywhere between 300% to… Read more »

Security vulnerability iDRACula discovered in Dell EMC servers

Posted by - October 18, 2018

According to a recent article, it has been discovered that one of the most respected brands in the server industry contains a vulnerability in its 13th generation and older PowerEdge servers. This vulnerability, which was brought to light in the STH discussion forums, allows users to bypass the Dell EMC iDRAC firmware protections and… Read more »

What to do in the aftermath of a data breach

Posted by - October 16, 2018

Unfortunately, data breaches occur often. Even if you are taking all the necessary precautions to avoid them, they can still happen. Therefore, it is important to have a plan of action to follow in the event of a data breach. A recent article suggests how to best deal with a data breach and avoid… Read more »

Ransomware attack strikes the port of San Diego

Posted by - October 11, 2018

A recent CNET article reports that the Port of San Diego experienced a ransomware attack during the last week of September. The attacker apparently demanded a payment of an undisclosed amount in bitcoins. The attack left employees with limited access to their computers which caused a huge inconvenience for people who needed access to items… Read more »

Don’t get tricked by tech support scams

Posted by - October 09, 2018

Even if you work with a trusted IT provider, you need to be alert for remote tech support scams. Remote tech support scams involve cybercriminals pretending to be a help desk employee from an IT company and reaching out to fix a problem with your computer remotely. Once they are given the credentials needed to… Read more »

Tips on protecting your website from a security breach

Posted by - October 04, 2018

In the current technological age, a website is now the face of an organization. When people hear about a new business or organization, the first thing they’ll do is check out their website. While having a secure, well-functioning website for your organization can help raise the reputation of your brand, having one that is not… Read more »