Posted by - December 06, 2022

Just like every piece of technology, your iPhone needs routine maintenance. While physical maintenance such as screen cleaning is important, some of the processes should also happen digitally. One of the easiest pieces of upkeep is clearing your iPhone cache monthly.

What is my cache?

Your browser cache is like a digital closet. Over time, your iPhone stores website data in this digital closet so that it can easily retrieve the data when you visit each site. In the short run, this speeds up your browsing experience. However, your cache may begin to clutter with data you no longer need. Before long, your browser’s cache becomes outdated and slows down your phone. Clearing your cache gives your browser a fresh start, which can noticeably increase your browsing speed.

Clearing your cache


  • Open your iPhone’s Settings app
  • Select Safari
  • Select Advanced and then Website Data
  • Select Remove All Website Data
  • Select Remove Now


  • Open the Chrome app
  • Select the three dots in the bottom right corner
  • Select Settings
  • Select Privacy and Security
  • Select Clear Browsing Data
  • Choose the intended time range
  • Ensure Cookies, Site Data is selected as well as Cached Images and Files
  • Lastly, tap Clear Browsing Data

If you use a different browser, a quick search should bring up the steps you need to follow.

In general, it’s a good idea to clear your cache once every month or two. This will ensure your browser isn’t getting bogged down by unnecessary stored data. If you have any questions about technology maintenance or general IT inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at

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