Posted by - March 27, 2017

Recently, a terrorist used WhatsApp to send and receive encrypted messages to help plan an attack, and there have been demands by some that there should be a weakening or banning of this type of encryption.  Would this help prevent this type of terrorist communication?  Absolutely not.

Some have also called for backdoor systems to allow our politicians and law enforcement agencies access to this data.  The danger therein is a surrender of our personal liberties and right to privacy.  Not to mention that criminals would just find other ways around these channels, like compiling their own end-to-end encryption messaging system.

We must remember that encryption protects everyone, which unfortunately includes the “bad guys”, and prevents hackers from gaining access to our sensitive data which abounds on the internet.  Every time you make an online purchase or access your bank account, these encryptions are ensuring your safety and security.  Be wary of those fighting to weaken your privacy rights and ensure your systems are set up accordingly, and don’t forget, Optfinity provides free assessments to make your business life a little easier.

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