Posted by - May 08, 2020

Operators of the infamous ransomware Shade have decided to shut down and have released over 750,000 decryption keys to their victims who can now decrypt their files and hopefully regain access. The Shade explained on a message posted in the GitHub Repository that they have decided  to publish all decryption keys back to their victims and hope that antivirus companies will issue their own user-friendly decryption tools – ending their message with an apology for all the victims that were affected by their trojan over the years and hope the keys will be able to recover their data.

The Shade ransomware is one of the oldest ransomware strains out there but they are not the only one and you should still take proper precautions. For more information on ransomware strains or information on how to protect your business, you can contact OptfinITy on (703)-790-0400 or

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