Posted by - January 25, 2023

Apple announced Safety Check in 2022, an iOS security feature designed to view the information you’re sharing with others, such as your location or credentials. The feature allows you to instantly revoke those permissions, with the intention to help protect against domestic abuse. However, Safety Check can be useful for anyone with an iPhone that’s interested in their privacy and security.

The Safety Check feature not only protects against domestic abuse, but also can be used to keep an eye on all your downloaded apps and revoke permissions as desired. For example, camera and speaker permissions for any app can be changed at will.

How to use Safety Check to monitor app permissions:

  • Launch Settings
  • Click Privacy & Security, and then click Safety Check
  • Select Manage Sharing & Access
  • Use Face/Touch ID to access the security feature

After these steps, you’ll get a detailed summary of what you can review, such as people, apps, and account security. Since we’re focusing on app permissions, we’ll skip through the Sharing with People section and go directly to App Access. Here, you will see a list of your third-party apps, as well as what information is being shared with them.

To revoke an app’s permissions, just check the circle next to the app and then tap Stop App Access at the bottom of the screen. You can revoke different permissions from apps, such as Bluetooth, camera, location and more. Just be mindful of what you disable, as some permissions are needed for apps to function properly.

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