Posted by - November 11, 2022

LinkedIn has long had security issues such as fake and impersonated accounts, spam messaging, and phishing. However, according to an article on Tripware, LinkedIn is taking new measures to bolster their security and protect users from threats.

Some of these features include:

About This Profile
Every user will now have additional data points to assess how trustworthy a profile is. “About This Profile” will detail when each account was created, as well as if the account has a verified phone number or email address. This feature should be effective for identifying fake accounts and ensuring users are making safe connections. Initially only workers for select companies will be able to verify their email addresses, but LinkedIn will expand the feature over time.

Fake Account Detection
LinkedIn is also fighting against deepfake image generating technology. These artificially generated images are being utilized as profile photos to make fake accounts appear authentic. LinkedIn has implemented a deep-learning-based model to check uploaded profile photos to determine if they are artificially generated or not.

Suspicious Message Warnings
New warnings are being integrated into LinkedIn’s messaging system to help keep users safe. Warnings and safety tips will appear if users try to send links to external sites or apps. This will further protect users from threats such as phishing and viruses.

All these new measures will help to keep LinkedIn’s userbase safer. While improvements are being made, many threats still exist on LinkedIn and all other types of social media. To keep your personal information safe, it’s important to have up to date cybersecurity and follow best internet practices. For more information on how to how to identify digital threats and protect your data, please feel free to reach out to us at

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