Posted by - February 09, 2017

How often do you verify that the free Wi-Fi that you’re connecting to at your local coffee shop is actually provided by the store and not a hotspot that a scammer sitting two seats away from you has set up?  Did you even know this is something people do to get access to all your personal data you are sending through the sites you are visiting?

That’s right!  If you’re not careful, you could be giving away all your personal information.  First off, double check that the Wi-Fi you are connecting to is the legitimate one from the shop employee.  Next, always be sure you’re on an HTTPS site when typing in passwords, addresses, credit cards, etc.  This way, in the event you’re accidentally utilizing a scammer’s Wi-Fi, your data is secured and encrypted.  If the site you’re visiting only says HTTP, it is not secure and that scammer can be capturing all your data. 

If you’re still uncertain about public Wi-Fi and whether or not you should be accessing it, contact us here at Optfinity and we’ll gladly give you more pointers and provide your business with a free assessment.

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