Posted by - September 27, 2018

You probably receive hundreds of emails per day, and more than likely, one of those emails contains malware. According to a recent IT World article, one out of every 244 emails contains malware. This means you need to be on the lookout for suspicious looking emails at all times. Here are a few red flags to look out for so you don’t click on a malicious email and infect your computer with malware:

  1. Improper spelling or grammar. You may receive an email that attempts to disguise itself as coming from a legitimate source such as your bank or Amazon, but if the spelling or grammar is off then it would be in your best interest to not trust that email.
  2. Must act now warnings or other scare tactics. Anything that prompts you to act quickly or threatens you with unreasonably severe consequences for not taking some sort of action is likely a phishing scam. Also, don’t be fooled by emails that claim to be from the IRS or FBI since these agencies are never going to contact you via email.
  3. Suspicious attachments or links. If you are not expecting an attachment or receive an email with a link to click on, double check with the source to make sure the attachment is safe to open and always hover your mouse over a link before clicking on it. If the link is a mile long or has improper spelling, it is most likely malware and should not be opened.

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