Posted by - August 02, 2016

All companies want to get the best out of their employees, which means efficiency at work and cutting back on options to lead employees to stray, such as apps and games on their computers. At the same time, all companies want higher profits and revenue, which for some companies, means luring these employees to buy said apps and games. Herein lies the dilemma for many.

While you might want to limit your employees access to buy apps and games through the Windows 10 Store, Windows wants you and your employees to buy their products. Forcing you, the savvy business owner, to pay extra for Windows 10 Enterprise to have access to restrictive features preventing your employees from making these purchases.

You can’t blame Windows for this decision as most companies would do the same. What you can do, however, is install productivity-tracking solutions, or look into a web content filtering system that keeps employees from browsing dangerous or wasteful websites. The point is to keep your employees accountable for the time they spend in the office, whether they’re on the clock and working diligently, or wasting time to whittle away the workday.

If opting for the latter decision, contact Optfinity and we can help as this is something we currently do for many of our clients. Micromanaging is never a good thing, but ensuring a way to keep your employees accountable for their work day is always a win-win situation.

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