Posted by - May 31, 2019

With cyberattacks becoming increasingly costly and frequent, organizations can no longer afford to not prioritize cybersecurity in their budget. We have seen attacks in the past few years ranging from small businesses and organizations to large cities. While larger organizations have the budget and resources to handle cybersecurity internally, smaller organizations usually do not. Luckily, the option of using an MSP (Managed IT Service Provider) is available for these smaller businesses so that they too can maintain the same high levels of cybersecurity as their larger counterparts.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the percentage of small businesses that experienced cyberattacks rose 6% in 2018, up to 67% from 61% the year before. Additionally, more than half of small businesses and organizations experienced a data breach in 2018 with catastrophic financial consequences of these attacks averaging between $1.43 million and $1.56 million in cost to operations.

While there are a variety of possible cyberattacks, the most common types are phishing schemes, malware, stolen devices and denial of service attacks. The most efficient and affordable way to combat these malicious threats is through partnering with an MSP. At OptfinITy, we provide proactive IT support that includes around the clock monitoring, threat prevention and elimination, firewall and network protection, and security awareness training. We also recently launched a new division dedicated to cybersecurity, PerusITy, that will focus on HIPAA compliance audits, vulnerability assessments, IT and security audits, security cameras, managed SOC, penetration testing and business continuity.

Taking initiative and locating cyber threats before they destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to build is the only way to prevent an attack on your business. While you likely don’t have the time required to effectively seek out and pinpoint these threats, OptfinITy can. We ensure high quality IT support by providing a dedicated group of IT professionals ready to assist you 24×7, but we also are more budget friendly than hiring an in-house IT department and our services are offered at a flat monthly rate. If you have and questions or would like to learn more about our managed IT services or our new cybersecurity division, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 703-790-0400.

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