Posted by - December 07, 2016

Many Amazon customers are being scammed by a very real-looking email saying there’s a problem with their order and asking them to click on the attached link to enter some information as verification. So if you are or will be ordering through Amazon anytime soon, be on the lookout!

Remember, anytime a company sends an email asking you for more information, there are some ways to identify if it’s a scam and to protect yourself. You can read the full article for every tip. However, the easiest way to protect yourself in these circumstances is just to go directly to the site yourself without using the provided “link”. This way you know you’re going to the right site.

The other major way to protect yourself is by using two-step authentication whenever it’s available. We have blogged about this several times over the past year. This, and many other tips, are just some of the things you should be training your employees on to avoid having your company’s systems breached. If you want more information on this, or want someone to train your staff for you, contact Optfinity today. We also provide free assessments so you can know for yourself just how secure you really are.

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