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Is now the time to go completely cloud based?


Have you been considering if now could be the right time to switch your small business completely to the cloud?  Cloud computing offers many advantages to small businesses and nonprofit organizations, but will it maintain the safety of private information for both your business and customer? The following are things to think about if you make the switch, according to an article from


  • Train workers to identify attacks by using Security Awareness training software
    • Teach staff to avoid using email links and instead go directly to a website
    • Ensure staff is aware of what phishing attacks may look like and how they work
  • Install antivirus and XDR protection
    • Every company device should have the latest virus and malware protection
  • Require strong passwords
    • A strong password would include uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and characters
  • Implement password policies which require password changes and complexity requirements
  • Set security policies
    • Clearly define protocols such as what to do with unneeded customer data, how often to change passwords, and who can access that data
  • Make sure you are complying with the laws
    • Learn the rules regarding data protection based on your companies and your customer’s locations
  • Budget
    • Set aside a percentage of your IT budget for security and adjust as needed


Cloud computing can be just as safe as any other form of digital data storage when the proper precautions are taken.


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