Posted by - January 09, 2023

While Macs have a good reputation against malware, they are still vulnerable. What may be relieving to hear, however, is that there is a way you can better protect your Mac. You can do this by removing the largest malware app of them all, MacKeeper

MacKeeper was originally designed to protect Macs from malware through cleaning, security, and performance tools. Ironically, 48% of Macs end up with malware infections though MacKeeper. The app is designed with good intentions but can be easily abused by hackers as a vehicle for malware. This is due to the app’s extensive permissions and access to various files and processes. It’s too risky to keep MacKeeper on your Mac and we strongly recommend removing it.


If you wish to remove MacKeeper, this is how:

  • Go to your Finder app
  • Click Applications
  • Search for MacKeeper
  • Select This Mac and click the plus sign
  • Choose Name to open the dropdown menu
  • Select Other
  • Scroll to System Files, click the checkbox
  • Click Name (again), select System Files
  • Switch ‘aren’t included’ to ‘are included’
  • Delete all files in folder (Right-click and select Move to Trash)
  • Empty your trash (Right-click the Trash icon in the bottom right screen corner, select Empty Trash)


The best way to prevent malware on your Mac is through good cyber security practices and protection. Look into installing top-rated security software if you haven’t already. For more information on how to protect your devices from malware or any general IT questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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