August 13, 2018

The Northern Virginia Educating Youth Through Employment Program, which provides summer employment opportunities for young adults from the ages of 18-24, held their annual graduation ceremony on Friday August 10, 2018 and Opfinity’s Founder and CEO Michael Drobnis was one of the three featured panelists who spoke about the Information Technology Industry and the many reasons for choosing a career in IT.

The EYE program is more than just a summer job. It provides participants with intensive training and professional experience in a field of their interest that gives them the opportunity to get their career started off on the right foot.

Optfinity is proud to be represented at this ceremony as one of the most successful IT employers in the region, and we hope that the attendees were convinced that IT is not only a lucrative career path, but also dynamic, fun, and fulfilling, as technology continually becomes more and more intertwined with our everyday lives.

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