Posted by - September 04, 2018

Whether you like it or not, Google has the ability to track where you are at all times if you are using any of their apps on your smart phone.  Although there are benefits to having your location known, such as the ability to quickly get directions to a restaurant nearby or check the local weather, you may prefer your privacy over these convenient features.

Google offered the option to pause your location history which they said meant your location will no longer be stored, but it turns out that many Google apps such as maps and weather will continue to store time-stamped location data without your permission even while the pause your location history setting is activated.

To prevent the ongoing collection of location data, there is another setting you will need to deactivate that you may have never noticed before which is called “Web & App Activity.” This setting is enabled by default, and you would never know by reading its description that it affects the collection of location data, but rather that it is only related to your search engine results.

By pausing these settings you will miss out on the positive features that come along with them such as personalized web browsing with suggestions based on your current location and browsing history, but you can also feel at ease knowing that Google isn’t creating a time stamp for every move you make on your smart phone.

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