Posted by - July 24, 2017

Recently, an internet-connected fish tank at a casino was hacked in an attempt to steal data. This fish tank was web-accessible in order to help automatically feed the fish and keep manage their environment. Once the hacker found the weakness in the tank’s network, they used that to find other vulnerabilities in the casino’s network.

This is just one example of how phishing is not just delivered via a rogue email. Another more common, yet still unusual, attack happened when hackers breached drawing pads connected to unsecured Wi-Fi systems, then using those devices to enact a denial of service attack.

So, if you have any internet connected devices at work or home, often referred to as the Internet of Things, or IOTs, be sure they are as secure as possible to prevent hackers from causing unneeded damage to your systems and data. These can range from your laptop or smartphone, to a smart-fridge or cloud-based doorbell system. If its connected to the internet, it can possibly be hacked.

Not only does Optfinity provide thorough protections for our clients, we also provide no-cost, no-obligation assessments for anyone wanting to understand their systems better and have peace of mind knowing fully where their strengths and weaknesses lie, with regards to their technology.

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