Posted by - December 20, 2016

Recently, three British hospitals were infected by malware, forcing their IT systems to shutdown as well as the cancellation of routine patient operations. The few days this went on was an obvious detriment to the hospitals’ job of keeping people healthy and saving lives.

What made this particular ransomware especially dangerous, which was a variant of the Globe ransomware, is that it deletes your PC’s backups. These backups are compiled daily and allow you to revert your system back to an earlier version. By not having access to this backup data, its virtually impossible to get your systems back up and running without paying the ransom.

If you’re still not concerned that this is a serious issue, especially because the hospital was able to be fully up and running within 48 hours without needing to pay the ransom, keep in mind this breach forced the cancellation of 2,800 patient operations. Not only is that potentially dangerous to the patients involved, but it is also time and money lost for the hospital.

Could your business survive being shut down for 48 hours? Worse, could you afford the $17,000 ransom other hospitals have shelled out to get their data back? Contact Optfinity today for a free assessment to see just how secure and safe your systems are and how effective your backup systems may be, if at all. Don’t wait till it’s too late to know where your company’s weaknesses are.

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