Posted by - October 18, 2018

According to a recent article, it has been discovered that one of the most respected brands in the server industry contains a vulnerability in its 13th generation and older PowerEdge servers. This vulnerability, which was brought to light in the STH discussion forums, allows users to bypass the Dell EMC iDRAC firmware protections and load their own firmware via both local and remote access methods. If this vulnerability were to be exploited by a cybercriminal they would have complete remote control of the server.

Although this vulnerability that has been named iDRACula (integrated Dell Remote Access Controller unauthorized load access) is not an issue for Dell’s newest 14th generation PowerEdge server, there are still millions of older generations in use and in distribution. Therefore, it is important to be aware of this vulnerability if you are using a 13th generation or older PowerEdge server.

The good news is that for iDRACula to be taken advantage of, a lapse in security would need to take place, such as someone being allowed physical access to a machine or remote access with valid login credentials. The bad news is that Dell is a leader in the industry for server security. Since this vulnerability was discovered in Dell, it is highly likely that other types of servers contain similar vulnerabilities.

The iDRACula vulnerability serves as a reminder that even reliable brands such as Dell are not immune to security breaches. Even if you don’t use a Dell server or if you have the latest generation, it is important to always practice safe security measures and stay on top of software updates. Never give strangers direct or remote access to your electronic devices and get the latest software updates since they are created to fix bugs or vulnerabilities found in previous versions. If you have any more questions about the iDRACula vulnerability or how to best keep yourself protected don’t hesitate to give us a call at 703-790-0400 or visit us on our website at

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