Posted by - August 28, 2017

If you’re using a standard email provider like Google or Yahoo, and you delete an email, after a few days your email is gone forever. This is, of course, unless you’ve saved it in a separate folder or archived it. While this may suit your personal needs, there are many reasons why you, as a business, should be archiving all emails, even those deleted by you and your employees.

Compliance and legal requirements are the biggest reasons why all your emails should be archived. In the event that you find yourself under audit or investigation, you definitely want to be able to provide these as soon as possible. If you’re relying on Google, there is no way to ensure all your emails are kept and may find yourself in trouble if you can’t find that one email from 3 years ago.

This is why paying a reputable and reliable company to archive your emails for you and your entire organization are so important. Read the full article to understand all the reasons why you should be archiving. And remember not only do we provide online archiving for all email services we offer, we can also provide you with free email assessments to help give you peace of mind whether or not your current provider has your archiving needs covered.

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