Posted by - July 29, 2022

Did you hear? Apple is coming out with a new feature that will be beneficial for all Apple users. It’s not your average Apple feature that fixes bugs or extends your battery life a little longer. It’s designed to protect your device from advanced hacking and targeted spyware.

Some of these protections include blocking attachments and link previews in messages, potentially hackable web browsing technologies, and incoming FaceTime calls from unknown numbers. Apple devices will not accept accessory connections unless the device is unlocked. The new lockdown mode will be available for iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers.

Apple plans to release the new lockdown mode later this year, it will be free to all apple users. Apple also announced their $10 million grant and up to $2 million bug bounty to encourage further research to enhance its device security. Last year Apple sent out a free software update that addressed Pegasus, to stop the company from developing or selling anymore hacker tools. Apple also began sending “threat notifications” to potential victims of these hacking tools. Although the vast amount of people will not be victims of highly targeted cyberattacks, it’s already notified people in about 150 countries since November.

Apple plans to expand Lockdown Mode over time, but for now it is designed to disable computer features that open people to potential attacks.

Apple isn’t the only company taking action to improve their security measures. Google has an idea called “Advanced Account Protection” designed for “anyone who is at an elevated risk of targeted online attacks.” Google’s plan is to add an extra layer of safety to logins and downloads.

Apple is committed to strengthening and improving their security features and will continue to research into this growing threat.

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