Do you know how to spot a PayPal phishing email?

Posted by - May 04, 2022

Have you received an email from a payment service that looks like this? At a glance, it looks like a legitimate email containing an invoice. However, a closer look will uncover a host of discrepancies that reveal this email to be a real phishing attempt received by someone here at OptfinITy. These discrepancies are not… Read more »

OptfinITy Announces 20th Year in Business

Posted by - May 02, 2022

Springfield, VA Release Date: May 2, 2022   OptfinITy is proud to announce its 20th anniversary as the DC Area’s leading managed service provider.   On May 2, 2002, OptfinITy was incorporated in Falls Church, VA.  “My vision was to deliver enterprise IT solutions to small to medium size organizations,” said Michael Drobnis, CEO of… Read more »

The 5 best ways to repurpose your old Android

Posted by - April 26, 2022

Do you have an old Android phone and you don’t know what to do with it? Maybe you’re thinking about storing it in a drawer, selling it, or trading it in. Whether your phone is too old to warrant a high trade-in value, or if you’re just interested in trade-in alternatives, continue reading to learn… Read more »

Top 3 Technology Tips you can Implement this Earth Day

Posted by - April 22, 2022

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day marks a time where people reflect on what they’re doing to keep our planet clean and thriving. Whether you compost, recycle, take short showers, or drive electric, take the day to reflect on what you’ve done to help the environment, as well as other ways you can make a difference…. Read more »

7 Gmail Tricks you can Start Using today

Posted by - April 18, 2022

An astounding number of people use Gmail to send and receive emails. In fact, Gmail accounts for 1.8 billion active email accounts. If you’re part of that 1.8 billon, you may not be familiar with all the platform has to offer. To learn how to best customize and optimize your Gmail experience, read below to… Read more »

Last minute filers: Watch out for these scams this tax season

Posted by - April 14, 2022

If you’re like many Americans, you may not have finished filing your taxes yet, and you know that the April 18th deadline is quickly approaching. Many hackers prey on last-minute filers to take advantage of people’s haste, hoping to gain sensitive information from anxious users. Hackers use a variety of phishing methods to encourage people… Read more »

Is technology included in your spring-cleaning routine?

Posted by - April 11, 2022

Spring marks a time of regrowth and change, and many take this season as an opportunity to tidy up their house or apartment. However, Spring is also a good time to remember to clean up your technology and cyber footprint. Throughout the year, people widen their cyber footprint by doing things like paying bills, shopping,… Read more »

Are you sure it’s safe to scan that QR Code?

Posted by - April 03, 2022

QR codes are everywhere these days. From restaurant tables to Super Bowl ads, their range of uses and applications has boomed since the onset of the pandemic. As usual, cybercriminals have taken note. The FBI has warned consumers that hackers are now creating malicious QR codes designed to trick unsuspecting scanners into giving away banking… Read more »

How Changes to the Microsoft Donation Program will Affect You

Posted by - March 17, 2022

If you’re like many non-profits, you may benefit from the Microsoft Non-profit program. This endeavor has enabled nearly 400,000 organizations worldwide to access top-notch technology at discounted rates.  However, there are going to be some major changes to the software donation program that will take place on April 4, 2022 that you should be aware… Read more »