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I know what you’re thinking, probably never right? Unless your phone started performing slower than usual, it most likely never crossed your mind. But clearing your cache does a lot more than speed up your phone while browsing the web.

Clearing your cache is kind of like clearing your digital countertop. If you don’t, it’ll become digitally cluttered. So, what does that mean? Typically, when you visit a website, it downloads information from your phone such as photos, banners, and other data. To make things easier your internet browser will store some of that data in a cache so it can be easily retrieved. Sounds great right? Not exactly, over time your browser’s cache gets outdated and the data being retrieved no longer matches the data being used on the website. This will cause slower load speeds and weird website formatting. This is equivalent to putting your mail, keys, wallet, cups and whatever else on your counter. Suddenly, you don’t have room to do anything.

Clearing your cache will give sites a fresh start in your browser and free up storage space. It will also sign you out of sites you’re currently logged into. Although resigning into your accounts is inconvenient, it will keep things moving quickly and accurately.

So how do you clear your cache?

Before you clear your cache remember all your devices signed into your iCloud account will be logged out. You’ll need to sign into everything the next time you use them. Follow the steps below.

Clear your iPhone cache in Safari:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Select the Safari from the list of apps
  3. Go to Advanced à Website Data
  4. Scroll down and select Clear History and Website Data
  5. Choose Remove Now in the pop-up

How often should you be clearing your cache?

Most people need to clear their cache once every two months. If you frequent many sites, you should clear your cache more often.

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