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What do you do when you have a dumb question? You Google it, right? Just like when you’re sick and want to avoid going to the doctors, so you self-diagnose based off your Google results. I’m sure you have searched numerous odd things in Google throughout the years, I know I have. What if I told you someone could access all your Google searches? Is your face turning red yet? Don’t freak out just yet, there’s a way to keep your searches private.

So, what is Google tracking?

All the contents in your inbox from receipts to private messages including medical documents and bills are scanned by Google. There is a setting called “Smart Compose” that allows Google to scan your emails as you type them. Its purpose is to help you write faster by finishing common phrases.

Turn off Smart Compose

  • Open Gmail
  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner for settings
  • Select see all settings
  • Click general tab near top of page
  • Go to the smart compose section
  • Turn writing suggestions off by clicking on the circle next to it
  • Click save changes at the bottom

Please note Google will still have access to all the content in your emails unless you switch to a privacy-based email inbox.

Switch to privacy-based email

  • Click on the gear icon in top right corner of Gmail and click settings
  • Scroll down to E-mail via Google+ option
  • Click on the drop-down dialog box Anyone on Google+ set by default and change it to the degree of privacy you want
  • Click save changes once you are finished

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