Is Your Organization Prepared for AI Cyber Attacks?

Posted by - June 14, 2024

As technology advances, so do the tactics of cybercriminals. Here are some AI-assisted cyber-attacks that you should be aware of: AI-Enhanced Phishing Emails/Messages Cybercriminals now use AI to craft emails and messages that closely mimic those from seemingly legitimate sources. Malicious messages trick recipients into revealing sensitive information, making them much harder to detect and… Read more »

Fishing vs. Phishing: Key Differences and Staying Safe Online

Posted by - June 06, 2024

Fishing and phishing might sound alike, but while one is a relaxing pastime – the other is a malicious cybercrime where attackers bait victims into handing over sensitive information through bogus emails and websites. In honor of National Fishing Week, we will be covering what phishing is, its impact, and how you can protect your… Read more »

How to Use Rules and Quick Steps in Outlook

Posted by - June 05, 2024

Many of us spend hours in our inbox daily, making email management skills critical for staying on top of tasks and remaining productive during the day. If you find yourself overwhelmed by your inbox, Rules and Quick steps are a fantastic way to automate and streamline email organization. What are Rules in Outlook? Outlook Rules… Read more »