Posted by - June 06, 2016

Almost any web browser that you use will come pre-equipped with a property known as “incognito mode”, or “private browsing”. This option allows the user to hide their activities from other users on a shared computer.

Why is this helpful? You can ensure your privacy when utilizing a public computer at a library, café, or other public space; you can open multiple account websites that limit you to one registered account at a time, e.g. Google; you can outsmart paywalls on websites that limit the number of articles you can read for free in a given month.

Read the full article to learn exactly how to access this mode on whichever web browser you use. And remember, incognito does not mean true privacy. Websites can still capture your IP address, ISPs, and your actions can still be tracked. The article also teaches you how to truly go private if that is what you wish.

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