Posted by - July 22, 2016

Smartphones today are almost the equivalent of laptops or desktops in many ways. They have caches, cookies, and histories which take up a lot of storage space on your device. For some iPhones, they automatically clean themselves up once storage space gets too low. And for iPhone and Android phones, you can go into your settings to clean these up manually.

But if you’d like to kick start your iPhone to do the cleanup now instead of later, the trick is to “rent” a movie from the iTunes store. You must ensure that the movie you wish to rent has a larger file than the space available on your phone. This will prompt your iPhone to automatically clean up your storage and make more room to fit the movie file.

Read the full article for more details on this trick. For reference, we had one of our technicians here at Optfinity try it out on her iPhone. Her storage increased by over 1.3GB. (Note that it may take your phone a few minutes to fully clean up its storage) Contact Optfinity if you’re still having problems with storage space or you just have questions or concerns regarding any tech issue.

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