Posted by - July 03, 2017

Most of these very expensive ransomware attacks start out as a simple email, on which an employee at an office may have clicked. Perhaps it said resume, tracking number, or something else that seemed harmless; then, before anyone realizes it, they can’t open any company files, their server stops working, and their office comes to a complete halt. It almost sounds like science fiction, but it is happening every day to thousands of companies all across the world; and it doesn’t end there.

Are you aware that in some U.S. States, if a business is the victim of a cyber-attack, they may be penalized for simply being a victim? This all depends on how they respond. Not only could they be legally required to notify the proper authorities of data breaches, but they may also have to publicly announce it as well, so that all their current clients/patients and future potential business are aware of their accidental blunder. This will not only bring blame upon the business, but may also leave them in financial dire straits with lenders, banks, and of course, clients.

It is imperative that you have set-up and tested the proper backups and you have bought the proper insurance to cover all types of losses due to malware, viruses, and any other electronic scams to which you might fall victim. It is even more imperative to make sure you have the proper IT company looking out for your best interests to make sure that you survive such an attack or, more importantly, that you prevent one.

At OptfinITy, we focus on security from all levels; we stop it at the door, on the network, in the cloud and, most importantly, with your people. This is accomplished through our proactive training component which is implemented with all our managed services clients. If you would like to ensure you are prepared, give us a call for your free, no-obligation assessment and we can show you just how secure you are and give you options to help mitigate any future threats.

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