Posted by - July 12, 2021

Microsoft recently announced that the Windows Print Spooler service could be exploited by hackers- a flaw now known as PrintNightmare.  While you may not think having your printer hacked is a major concern, this vulnerability could allow hackers to remotely access one’s PC including allowing hackers to delete data, install programs, or create new user accounts with full user rights. This critical flaw could affect both Windows 10 and Windows 7 users.

Unfortunately for Windows users, this is only one of a slew of security issues the tech company has experienced within the past year. In 2020, the National Security Agency warned the company that their windows operating system contained a major flaw that could allow hackers to impersonate legitimate software companies. Additionally, earlier this year hundreds of thousands of Exchange users were targeted after multiple vulnerabilities in its software allowed hackers access to its servers.

Though Windows has since released an update to remedy the Print Spooler flaw, the security patch itself comes with its own issue. Some users who installed the update discovered that the connection to their printer stopped working. An update to remedy this error will soon be released, according to Microsoft.

Is your system in need of security updates or patching? Have you experienced a breach? If so, reach out to us at for more information. Current OptfinITy users will have this patch installed as part of our standard monitoring and maintenance program.

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