Posted by - January 07, 2020

The CCPA (California Consumer Privacy ACT) is a new California law which allows residents of California to learn what data companies are collecting about them, as well asrequiring companies to delete their data and not sell it, upon request.

Although the full force of the new privacy law isn’t entirely transparent since regulations are still being finalized, companies outside and inside of California are already taking action to remain complaint so they can continue doing business  with California
There is no doubt that this law will have an effect both inside and outside of California.. In the past, companies weren’t legally required to tell you what data they’ve collected of you or how they plan on using it. With the CCPA in force, you’ll be able to ask companies to delete your private information or refrain from selling it. This law will apply to even major tech companies such as Facebook and Google – who already let you delete some of your data off their systems but not in a way where it fully disconnects user from the data it has collected. This new law changes that.

If organizations fail to follow this law, they could be fined up to $2,500 per violation, and up to $7,500 if the violation is found to be intentional.  Californians can sue businesses directly even if their data was released through an accidental breach.

This law will also allow users to continue to use free services even if they ask bigger companies not to collect their data. After California’s legislature passed CCPA, several major tech companies told federal lawmakers that they would like to see one privacy law that covers the whole country.

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