Posted by - May 09, 2019

In the wake of two-factor authentication frequently being recommended to combat malicious hackers, another security threat has arisen: port-out scams. Port-out scams involve hackers trying to steal your phone number and transfer it to another carrier, allowing them access to any account that requires a text message confirmation to access. Considering many people’s bank and financial accounts are set up for SMS two-factor authentication, this is a horrific reality. A recent CNET article provides some suggestions on how to prevent your phone number from being stolen by hackers and avoid having your accounts compromised.

For starters, it’s always good to prevent the hacking of your accounts in the first place. To do this, use a password manager to keep track of multiple complex passwords and ensure they are different for each account. In the event your account is hacked, to prevent fraudulent use of your number for two-factor authentication, it is best to avoid the use of SMS altogether. Instead, it is recommended that you use your email or an authenticator app. Furthermore, you may consider using a disposable number which you can get from Google Voice or Textfree, anytime you are giving out your number to anyone besides your friends, family or bank.

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